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There needs to be a phrase for “I acknowledge your apology and appreciate it but it does not make things better.” instead of just saying “It’s okay.” all the time. 

jus say dat then

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"Too many young girls don’t know how to act when someone’s being inappropriate with them. They giggle or they try to brush it off. Don’t do that. Tell them to go fuck themselves - be a bitch. If someone’s being disrespectful to you, be disrespectful right back. Show them the same amount of respect that they show you."

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This, remember your discomfort is valid. It’s ok to be angry, it’s ok to be annoyed and upset. Don’t be afraid to express that, it’s the healthiest thing you can do for yourself.

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"Please waste your time on me."

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true life: people like my hair more than they like me

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Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

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if you asked me why i like you, i wouldnt have an exact answer, because to be honest, there isnt a real reason why i do. theres just something about you. your personality, the way you smile, or your humor. something about you catches my attention and draws me near you.

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